Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bathroom: 2 Me: 0

Today I attended a collaborative leadership session during which our facilitator said: "Failure is an action, not who you are."  What she said resonated with me and has stayed with me throughout the day.

My running  buddy and I were supposed to head out together for a run tonight, but alas, he might have contracted food poisoning in a far-off land, so, I ran alone.  Upon first stepping outside I felt positive, hopeful, and, dare I say it, amped up?   For a run?  So, off I went, with my ipod in tow, blasting BSB.  I accomplished my first six-minute interval just fine, followed by my one-minute recovery.  I began my second set of six minutes and soon realized, this was not the run I envisioned.  The night originally had it all, a cool, non-frigid temperature, a positive mindset, and a beautiful misty quality reminiscent of that amazing scene in Gone With the Wind where Scarlet travels through the mist back to Rhett.  In retrospect, the mist was probably foreshadowing what was about to come.  At exactly 3:18 into my second interval I had to begin walking and make the familiar journey back to my toilet.  Sitting there frustrated I reflected on the statement about failure and I decided, I would not let this bathroom trip dampen my spirits or my motivation.  So, I did something I have not done before, a post-bathroom run.   Round two, into the mist, Scarlet O'Hara, runner extraordinaire.  Again, my first set of six minutes went just fine, followed by a glorious one-minute recovery.  One of the great loves of my life, Roxette, lead me into my second set with a rousing techno version of Listen to Your Heart, and then, it happened.  I could feel that I was ready to rumble.  I was able to complete the full second interval, a slight improvement from round one, before I had to run to the ladies.

In trying to find the silver lining from this grossly disappointing evening I have come up with the following:

1.  I did not give up the first time, just the second.
2.  I feel somewhat convinced that I have fully digested my dinner and will likely not visit the ladies for a third time this hour.  Perhaps we will meet again after that hour has elapsed.
3. I have discovered that I have a "follower"!  I have successfully bridged the gap between diary and blog.

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