Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday Musings: Week 6

I am really exciting about the links this week.  There should be something for everyone, from education to fitness and of course, for the foodie.

The Brunette Bit - 5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Any Girl

I have been searching high and low for a recipe I used back in March.  It was a healthier version of rice crispie squares - they were so good that you really didn't miss the marshmallows!  So, after copious amounts of Google searching, I happened upon this post and think that her brown rice and cranberry chews are as close as I will find to that elusive recipe.  I cannot wait to test it out to see if it is similar.  I am also dreaming about those almond snack bars and the nut mix.  The good thing is - most of these are gluten-free!

Common Cents Mom - Get a Free Education at Some of the World's Best Schools

I absolutely love this blog and always find her posts quite useful.  I have always loved school, so much so that I haven't stopped taking classes, even after completing two degrees!  I am currently pursuing a diploma in public relations through Ryerson University.  So, the idea of taking classes from Harvard without the shock to my wallet - well, it got me really excited!

Bikini Body Mommy - Stretching, the Foam Roller, and Performing SMR

I am not overly familiar with this blog, but the author has been able to complete an incredible weight-loss transformation.  This blog is filled with daily workouts, recipes and personal accounts. The post I am sharing with you today is about foam rolling - I am sure many of you have a love-hate relationship with the foam roller (I certainly do!); however, it can be extremely beneficial.  For those of you who have not yet tried this, it can be really helpful.  This post shows a few good moves to target some of the more painful areas (IT bands! ouch!).

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