Friday, 2 March 2012

My new love interest...

I think I might have fallen in love; his name is … Nike+ sensor.  What an amazing little invention!  In a matter of a few days, I think my world has been turned upside down.  I had heard of Nike+, seen the app on my ipod, but I never quite knew what it was and how I could benefit from it.  It all started after our last run.  I decided to take advantage of a session with my chiropractor, who is also a serious runner.  Little did she know that I would ambush her with many running-related questions about how to train, to interval or not to interval, how often, when does it become enjoyable, etc.  Among many other tips and words of encouragement, she highly recommended that I pick up the sensor, it only cost $40.00 total, and this includes the sensor, the “holster” and tax.  I have never before felt so excited to go for a walk, not even after I got my pedometer (broken) or my heart rate monitor.  The day after purchase I took the opportunity to walk home from work, I had a rough idea of the distance, but found out that in fact it is 3.26 km from work to home.  

Glamour shot of my Nike+ sensor (while stretching).
In terms of my running, tonight was only my second run of the week, this has been for several reasons, one of which is that my IBS has again been bothering me, so much so that I had to come home and lie down for an hour or so because I could no longer sit on my bum.  Again, I seriously contemplated whether or not I was up for a run; I did not relish the thought of more burning-bum syndrome.  Sometimes the IBS just sidelines me and makes me want to avoid any activity or social engagements, but most of all it just makes me want to lie on my side in bed so it does not hurt quite so much.  But, I pushed myself, I made myself get out of bed, and quite honestly, I just wanted to take my sensor out for a spin.  Let’s be clear, the desire was to test drive the sensor, not me, but, as I could not do one without the other, I had to go along as well.  Tonight’s performance was not what I would call stellar, I did more walking than I had planned on, and the distance was less than I had envisioned, but, I ran.  I also did not poop my pants; I consider this to be the mark of a successful run.  More importantly, I have analyzed the information from my run on the online Nike database thingy.  I discovered that I travelled 4.19 km – by travelled I mean a combination of walk/run.  I figure that I probably actually ran about 2.75 km and the rest was walking; I determined this by assessing the fabulous online graph which also informed me that I burned 294 calories, that my average pace was 7’0”/km, and the fastest pace I had was 5’47”/km.  Who knew that such a wealth of untapped information was out there?  I suddenly find myself feeling informed, but, not only that, the online “coach” has given me a schedule that will prepare me for the 10k in 12 weeks!  

In terms of the stair climb challenge I mentioned in my previous post, I have not yet subjected myself to round two, mostly because I am trying to teach my legs how to walk again after the brutal beating they took on Monday.  My husband has coined the term “penguin waddle”, a loving description of the new gait I have acquired as a result of my insanity.  I did not think that challenge through, why I did it on a run day I will never know, but it was obviously a sub-conscious effort to punish myself.  Not even an epsom salt bath was able to cure me of this pain – it is highly embarrassing to have to shuffle sideways down the stairwell at work, and crossing your legs should not be something you psych yourself up for.  I will try this again when I am back in the office on Tuesday, when my legs are nicely rested and ready for torture. 


  1. Hey - for the Nike + "thingy", do you need to have an iPod too? I have that app too, but I've never opened it. Do they work in combination?

    1. All you need is the app and the sensor, I picked mine up at the Running Room but you can likely find them at any sporty store. You need to create an account on Nike+ and then you can sync your runs with your profile so you can keep track. I highly recommend!