Friday, 28 December 2012

Post-Christmas run

Today was my first run in quite awhile, but after eating a late brunch with my mom and sisters-in-law, I decided it would be prudent to head out for a run.  I stuck to the 2k run strategy and it seemed to serve me well; my knees are not sore and aside from some shin splints, the rest of my body fared all right as well.  It was my second outing in my new neighbourhood, so I took it as an opportunity to explore some new areas.  I found a pleasant little path through the woods around Hail Pond in Halifax, which allowed my knees to take a bit of a break from the unforgiving concrete.  
The trail itself was not completely flat, so it did provide me with some modest hills to train on.  I took the last two days off, which enabled me to run in the daylight today. 
Cute little tree decorated in the middle of the woods
In addition, the 2k limit seems to be the perfect distance to avoid any embarrassing bowel-related problems.  The run was completely panic-free.  I will endeavour to make this my first of three runs over the next seven days.  My overall time was 16:44, certainly not my best, and likely hindered by my picture-taking and hiking up of my lulus, but I will work on beating this time over my next few runs.  Even though I cannot increase my distance, I can at the very least increase the speed at which I run it!  

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