Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Product Review: Bimuno IBAID

In early December I received a shipment of the Bimuno IBAID pre-biotic supplement to test out as an IBS sufferer.  First and foremost – I did receive samples of the supplement but did not receive any other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own. 

What is it?  It is a supplement that works to restore the good bacteria in your gut and can help promote a healthy bowel.  It is a pre-bioticas opposed to the more well-known pro-biotic.  Prebiotics can live longer in your digestive system and help to increase the good bacteria.  The other big difference between pre-and-pro-biotics is that prebiotics do not require refrigeration and most probiotics do. Click here for more answers to FAQs.

How much is it and where do I buy it?  The supplement is available directly through the Bimuno website and shipping is available internationally – specifically to Canada and the US.  To receive a three-month supply the cost would be $43.55 including shipping (90 chewable tablets). 

My review…
Normally, when I am approached to complete a product review I proceed with extreme caution, especially when supplements are involved.  Before deciding to try this out I did online research into other reviews and found that generally, they are extremely positive.  I do take probiotics on a daily basis and have come to view them as an essential part of my IBS maintenance.  In fact, they are so crucial that I double my intake whenever my IBS begins to act up.  After reading that the prebiotics would last longer in my system and that I didn’t have to remember to put them in the fridge – I was sold! 

I received a two-week supply to test out.  They are chewable tablets – similar to a wine gum in texture.  In terms of flavour – I can honestly say there is no flavour.  I realize this is an odd statement, but really, it is flavourless.  Trust me, if this tasted disgusting I would not have finished the package!  They were a bit chewier than I would have liked, but I do have jaw issues, so most people probably wouldn’t be bothered by this.  

I was in the middle of a short IBS episode when I began the supplement and the episode eventually tapered off.  I cannot say I noticed a difference while on the supplement, but it certainly did not make anything worse.  My symptoms were comparable to my regular probiotic routine (which I stopped during the two-week period I was taking Bimuno).  I would be interested to try it for a full month to see if things improved longer term.

Would I buy this?  If this was available in Canada for purchase from a drugstore or grocery store, then I would.  However, I would not purchase online because of the extra hassle and my fears of what the customs charges might be.  If I lived in the UK where it was readily available then I would definitely try it out for a longer period of time. 

Now, here is the part where I giveaway a two-week supply to two lucky readers so that you can test it for yourselves!  Please follow the giveaway directions below.
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How do you manage your IBS?  Do you find supplements helpful?  If so, which ones do you take?

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