Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Musings: Week 3

After a glorious trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I have finally caught up on my internet reading enough to share some links with you.

Winding our way through the Cape Breton Highlands
Travelzoo - 5 Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, I turn the big 3-0 in 2014, along with most of my friends and my lovely husband.  To forget about this milestone a few of us are planning to head for the Strip to take in some shows and maybe channel our inner Elvis and Priscilla to renew our wedding vows.  I found some great outdoor suggestions on this Travelzoo post, enough to balance out our other trip indulgences!

We are in love with Ikea.  Last year we roadtripped to Maine and Massachussetts to do what every Canadian loves - outlet shopping state-side.  My heart skips a beat whenever I think about how much cheaper it is to shop America style.  We hit up the outlets in Wrentham Village and heard about an Ikea somewhat close by and booked it straight there.  It was my first ever trip to Ikea and I was so overwhelmed we had to leave for a bite to eat so I could study the catalogue before going back for our big purchases.  Not too long ago we finally ordered a few more items - including four of the Marius stool.  I like the stool quite a lot, but feel the need to jazz it up a bit.  With this in mind I happened upon this hack and have found the inspiration for our impending DIY project- hopefully by the end of this weekend!  

I love smoothies.  The thing I love most about smoothies is how efficient they are - you can pack so many servings of fruit and vegetables in one receptacle!  I also love how you can cover so many food groups in a blender and how portable breakfast or a snack can become when you just pulverize everything!  When I saw this post I was doubtful about whether or not it would actually be healthy - I would probably leave out the added sweetener, but aside from that they look like a viable breakfast option - can't wait to try with the fresh local strawberries we have on-hand.  

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