Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Musings: Week 1

Like any blogger, there are a ton of blogs that I follow and many of these blogs have weekly reading recommendations that I look forward to above any other type of post.  These recommendations are where I hear about other fab blogs or where I find inspiration to try something new in the kitchen, take on a DIY project or try out that new exercise at the gym.

Now it is my turn to share my faves with you!  Stay tuned for a weekly list of awesome blogs and blog posts - posts will go up on Monday and capture the highlights of the previous week. I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do and that you will find inspiration in them as well.  In addition, please share any others with me in the comments section below.

Bite Size Wellness - Fave Things Friday: After Sun Care Products

This is an extremely timely post given that we are mid-summer and Halifax has been abnormally hot all season long.  This morning I had a meeting at a coffee shop, and, without thinking, I left the house without putting any sunscreen on.  Gasp!  I realize this may seem like no big deal, but, as a redhead, I have learned time and again how important it is to use this on a daily basis.  We sat outside because it was such a lovely, sunny morning; however, I stressed the whole time about how burnt I was likely becoming with each passing moment.  As soon as I came home I grabbed my Burt's Bees after sun with a sigh of relief.  Check out the link above for additional after sun recommendations.

Domestic Adventure - DIY Cornices

My husband and I have been picking away at decorating our new home.  We are not natural DIYers and are slowly figuring out how to do homeowner things - like patching holes in walls and installing light fixtures.  The post above is a couple of years old; however, my husband and I only recently had the opportunity to complete this project.  We did three valances and have a fourth one to complete.  It is shocking how something so simple can really spruce up a room.

Ambitious Kitchen - Flourless Chocolate Chip Zucchini Oat Brownies

Take one look at the photos of these brownies and you will immediately start to drool.  This is on my "must try" recipe list.  I am a chocoholic who is on a constant hunt to find a healthier way to consume it - I think this might do the trick!

Happy reading and don't forget to check me out on bloglovin'!

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